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Minimize Your Losses and Protect Your Property

Protect your property from destructive tenants who do not pay their rent. Receive assistance in recovering lost assets after an Alberta court judgement. Prairie Bailiff Services in Calgary helps you seize property to recoup losses while upholding the highest ethical and legal standards. You can depend upon Prairie Bailiff Services for diligence and professionalism. Our bailiffs are thoroughly informed about your concerns and business, making sure that we give you cost-efficient service. Speak with our recovery managers about any of your concerns or needs. We stay in touch with our clients in order to deliver the highest quality work. Prairies Bailiff Services specializes in:

● Property Seizures and Recovery of Rent

● Recovery of Vehicles and Heavy Equipment

● Recovery of Personal Property

● Court Order Enforcement

Court Agents, Storing and Towing for Your Convenience

Consult with Prairie Bailiff Services about how our court agents can assist in the court services you need. We are also prepared to help you recover your property and provide secure storage, indoor and outdoor. Do you need to tow a vehicle or heavy equipment as part of a seizure? Prairie Bailiff Services has the trucks to safely tow it away.

Receive legal compensation for unpaid invoices Call a recovery manager
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