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Protect Your Property Rights with Landlord Bailiff Services in Calgary

If your tenants fail to make payments and/or have damaged property you are leasing by contract, you are losing money. Lost revenue, repairs and replacing stolen or damaged items eat into your finances, as well as your ability to accommodate a responsible tenant. Prairie Bailiff Service helps you evict non-paying and destructive tenants in any area of Alberta. Through court action, we are also able to perform lockouts and property seizure.


Landlord Services
Receive legal compensation for unpaid invoices Call a recovery manager

FYI: Instructions, Forms and Contracts

Let Prairie Bailiff Services take care of every step whether your dispute with your tenants results in cooperation or court action. We work with both Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS) and the Provincial Courts, but our overall purpose is to help you protect your property rights according to the law and our high ethical standards. Learn more about Prairie Bailiff’s tenant default services for landlords and property management companies. Also access instructions, forms and contracts for:


Residential Landlord’s Distress Seizure

Commercial Landlord’s Distress Seizure

Order for Eviction

RTDRS or Court Instructions for Lockouts

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