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Prairie Bailiff Services Recovers What Is Rightfully Yours

Prairie Bailiff Services is dedicated to helping serve justice and minimizing your losses through property seizures and liquidations. Our court agents work with Alberta court approval to make sure your property rights are restored. As well, for your convenience, Prairie Bailiff Services provide indoor and outdoor storage to hold property for auction or return, and we have towing services for vehicles and heavy equipment. Contact us, and we will help you recover:


● Vehicles

● Heavy Equipment

● Personal Property

● Rent, Assets and Payments

Recovery Services
Receive legal compensation for unpaid invoices Call a recovery manager

Property Recovery Made Easier: Instructions and Forms

Prairie Bailiff Services wants you to be informed about the legal procedures and necessary paperwork recovery services entail. Please read more about recovering payment for your services as a mechanic or processing a court-ordered property seizure. You will also find forms and contracts to return to Prairie Bailiff. Please call us if you need any help at all concerning:


Garage Keeper’s Lien Seizure

Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) Seizure

Writ of Enforcement Seizure

Sale of Land

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